Tuesday, January 12, 2010

See, it's soap! Not made out of socks!

Tranquil Sleep

Given the goings on over at Etsy I should just shove a bar of each up both nostrils.


  1. Feeling much too comatose to comment...zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I haven't had a sale on Etsy in going on 5-6 months now.}:/

    I have had sales at 1kM though, which surprised me.

  3. Miz,

    I'nm thinking coma sounds pretty relaxing,lol. Except you wake up and everything hasn't been done for even longer.

  4. Wolf,

    I haven't checked 1K Markets out. I had a couple sales on Zibbet that was cool. No forum! Yet...

    The way the new E forums are slated to go, I don't imagine I'll be doing as well. Kinda hard to whore oneself in a private room with the other whores.

  5. Um...were you adsking if i had just put up the blog you read, or if I had just commented on your comasoap...nope...

  6. The blog. I'm feeling fuddled. So, is the nope for the blog or the soap?


    No, really.

  7. Ackshully, all my blogs are dated..that one was last Wednesday-flattered to hear that you read 'em...I kinda know somebody does, but since i can't get my Followers widget to work, just my counters, who knows who?
    Or something...