Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hey, so...

shops are reopened. Anything ordered between now and Sunday will ship Monday. I'm also limiting my ship days to twice a week. I'm thinking Tuesday and Friday.

Sample folks (not you know sample people, sample orders) they will go out very soon, so sorry about the delay.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts and wishes. Without going into too much detail I'll be making some big changes in regard to lifestyle.

No, like walking, not coming out or anything, weirdo. Not trying to push through illness like I'm still thirty, you know, common sense crap that comes with the crushing realisation that you are OLDER now.

Perhaps the one of the most important changes is going to have to be voluntary stress. As in not having any. As in avoiding stupid shit online. As amusing as I find some of the nastiness, I think it does wear a person down whether they realise it or not.

I really don't need to read everything out there. It's not edifying, to say the least. I have enough real life crap to slug through, you know? At some point, it's just sort of sad and awful. Let people be sad and awful if that's what makes them happy.


SO, shall we roll merrily along?

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  1. So you'll be chillin' like a villain...good to hear. Glad you are better...just don't lose the sense of humour, weirdo..