Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random dog pictures

Baxter deciding that Kinley doesn't suck. That took a good four or five days.

Baxter's pound pic.

Kinley home for three days.

Kinley's pound pic. Now you see why, huh?

Baxter and Kinley a few days after Baxter stopped ignoring him. Kinley is now bigger then Baxter.




Kinley the day we got him. Six months. After three baths. Notice how he's down on his pasterns? (pancake feet) One of the worst cases I've seen. Now his feet are nice and tight.

Baxter at three months.

Yes, he has always been this serious. That was when we had grass.

Death by Basset. Baxter (no dogs were harmed)

Lida's pound picture, she was "Urgent number 3" she was pulled the day she was to be gassed, minutes before, really.

Lida when she arrived.

Who you help support with your purchase.

Lida's Petfinder ad.

I wanted to give you an idea of how flexible this dog is. Her second day she slipped UNDER the fence through a hole roughly the size of a piece of paper. Now the gate is bungeed shut because Kinley can open the latch.

Every dog has a story and I'm still working on them. Almost done with Kinley's. Kinley is a challenging dog, but well worth the effort. I made the right decision not adopting him out. He'll be two sometime this month and he has been particularly challenging every now and again over the last couple weeks.

It's good to see these pictures and know you can make a very tangible difference without really doing very much and benefiting greatly in the end.


  1. Those doggies are beautiful, but please tell me...you do the 'motorbike noise' thing on their ears, don't you? :-D

  2. I did once, but they both looked at me like 'Idiot' i just sort of mumbled something and slunk off. Lida doesn't care what you do as long as it's attention, Baxter and Kinley will suffer no fools,lol.

  3. Wait. The dog slipped *under* the fence? That dog? What is it, part cockroach?

    Your pups are all completely adorable. :c)

  4. Yes, that dog. She can also leap over a five foot fence by simply crouching next to it and springing up and over. No running start.

    We couldn't figure out how the hell she got out of the back, the first time, we have a six foot fence.

    Then I noticed the space under on of the back gates. Imagine a sheet of paper with irregular edges, even a little smaller.

    One day I watched her go through it, it was kinda like that X Files with the liver eating under the escalator guy.

    She's be great at agility except she'd want to kill every dog there.