Thursday, November 19, 2009

News from Zibbet (Etsy can you hear me?)

Hi Zibbeters,

I just wanted to quickly update you on all the exciting things we've got in store for you! Here's a quick rundown...

- Coupons / Gift Certificates feature: This is almost ready for launch! You're going to love having the ability to fully customize your own coupons to give to existing and potential customers. Buyers will be able to easily redeem your coupons at checkout. No more having to refund through PayPal after the sale has gone through! For more info, visit the blog: <-- Special coupon code (in blog) to get your Premium Account 1st Month FREE. A great deal! Only valid until midnight, Friday 20th November.

- Community Hub: The 'community hub' will be a place for you to interact and connect with other members. It will have forums, instant chat, and the ability to create/join groups. You'll also have the option of uploading images and videos, plus you can even maintain your own blog posts. Many of you have asked for this and we're excited to announce that we should have it up and running within 5-6 weeks (hopefully sooner).


  1. Just opened this-I love if only I could get some sales *sigh*

  2. How have your sales on Zibbet been? Is it worth it.

  3. I have not had a sale, but I've not been on long. It's was months before I made a sale on E and most of my sales come from the forum and word of mouth.

    Zibbet will have a forum and I think that will help a lot. Not that I need another forum,lol, but other sellers are great advertising too. i send folks to E shops all the time.

    I'm not going to get too attached, I'm still sort of blown away from the AF debacle, but, I like the look of Zibbet very, very much and listing, rearranging and all that is a breeze.

    For $7 a month I thought it was worth a try. AF I paid $12. I sold fairly well there, no reason to expect anything different from Zibbet.

  4. Jmm, maybe I should take a gander at Zibbit, seeing how all the crap that's going on with Artfire is a huge turnoff for me as a seller.

    And I don't even frequent the forums!

  5. Well, it will all be ok after December when the AF forums are peer moderated by voting on posts.

    If you are 'negative' peers can siimply make your posts go away....

    Nothing like a little Lord of the Flies to ring in the New Year.

    Like I've mentioned, I did fine on AF in regard to sales, but there's a definite False Prophet
    vibe going on over there.