Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back.


SO it looks like I'll be walking my first 5K 9/17/11. If I'm super lucky I can run a little of it. Turns outs it's really my MCL (meniscus something ligament) I'm supposed to be happy because most people tear it and mine is 'just sprained'. I don't feel lucky, I feel pissed and really disappointed and frustrated. On a good day.

So for now it's no running, no 'real'walking, just bike and maybe some Arc Trainer which at least works you way harder then the mind numbing Elliptical.

I'm still juicing, eating clean and raw mostly with the exception of Pho type soups which leads me to the Holy Grail in A Box Pacific Foods Organic Pho Base. I almost wept. No lie.

I have some recipes to post in a couple days of stuff I've been fiddling with, and yes, it has Chia seeds.

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