Friday, August 26, 2011

August Pictures


I found these pants accidentally. I bought them eight years ago when I was 200 and they were too small. They are Columbia Tek (not the Uni) pants in an XL.

Made for hiking, etc. I tried them on just I don't know, to torture myself and they fit. And not, Fiiiiiit fit, I mean, they zipped up and snapped and weren't stressed or stretched.

Again, It's not the greatest pic, hard to get an 11 year old boy to take good pictures and I'm squinting with wet hair,lol. The side you can see I'm smaller but still the same shape. I'll take smaller but I'd like a substantial gut increase.

Thing is, I'm still at 223. So I'm heavier then when these pants were too small. This is what heavy duty weight training will do for ya. Top is April, Middle is July and bottom is now. Just 63 more pounds to go...

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