Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DOMS, Blue Hanger and a PSA

I think the technical term is Delayed Owie Muscle Suckage. See I went from my 'Lets get you stable." trainer to my 'Let's fix your knee' trainer/PT and yesterday worked out with Andrew. Think Jillian Michaels, but you don't want to bitch slap him over and over and over.

I like him a lot.

He killed me Tuesday but I did well and felt fine. So well in fact that he has concluded that I am not exercising at the level I should be and that I need to ramp it way up. Yay? ANYway, I worked out a bit today, no big stuff, lots of tedious PT knee mostly.

Came home, had lunch, ran errands. Sat down to play Silent Hill (wow the graphics were sucky ten years ago) because a new one is coming out in October, and when I got up an hour later almost fell over and died. I haven't been this sore since I started Martial Arts. Its AWESOME.

Although I am a little leery about what he has planned for Friday....

Coincidentally, I am now a blue hanger  at Target. This means I wear a large not an XL in tops. It was funny having to retrain my eye to look for blue hangers. I didn't buy anything cause we are broke, but wanted to see if I had gotten in smaller and I have. From an XL to an L in normal, not women's sizes (No more 1,2,3 for me!) and from a 22 to a 20 to an 18 as of today.

Now this is good but gentle reader, take heed. If you are fat, lose it NOW. There were jeans I couldn't wear because while they fit, the loose skin on my thighs and stomach was grotesque when I sat down. I have this big muscle mass with a layer of fat with a lot of extra skin. So the skin sort of moves and settles really horribly. Like I'm melting.

I am trying really hard to stay positive, a challenge for me any day, but as much as I've big girl pantied it, it's hard. I can sit and grab a handful of this quaintly called Mother's Apron but medically addressed as pannis. You can Google it if you have a strong anti OMG reflect. If it were gone, I'd be ten pounds lighter.

The smaller I get the more It Becomes....  But I kind of like looking over my boobs and not seeing a gut. Like I have to sort of peer under. In a bra, without a bra it's just one melting mess of mammary. I don't know where I will end up, surgery is out of the question for lots of reasons. I'm hoping it will get marginally better, nut if not, oh well, right?

I don't really feel great about sharing this. But it's my PSA. Take heed. Once you become obese enough and old enough, what you end up with after a lot of hard work isn't very pretty naked. So don't do that.

ps. I also recommend giving away your clothes the INSTANT they are too big. It's really easy to get complacent when your pants are ass baggy.

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