Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good thing I checked.

So since the Miracle of The Pants happened I thought I'd really get down to business and get rid of any and all clothes that were the slightest bit big. First because it makes me look sloppy but really, it's because if my clothes are loose I get complacent.

Those clothes on the bed, those are all my 200 pound clothes from eight years ago along with some I bought that were too small then. Most were in the bottom drawer of my dresser, some in the closet. I figured when I hit 200 I'd give them a try. But since the MTP happened I thought I should revisit them sooner.

Good thing because they all fit. Even the too small then ones. If I had waited they'd all be too big which would have made me less happy then you'd imagine. Because they are all pretty new (as in not worn) and well, clothes cost money. I know, right?

You can see my pups all, I don't know what, really, uh, keeping watch? That's about 300 pounds of dog crammed into whatever space they could find. I was pretty impressed.

And that is the drawer, because I'm punchy after a whole day of clothes and closet and under bed cleaning and figured WTH?

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  1. Wow, great job! Sounds like fitting into those clothes is a total NSV (non-scale victory)!