Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ok, I'll tell you then.

For like, the last twelve years I have thrown up every day. It's down to a science, I feel nauseous and if I can gag (really, I can just do that) it passes. Sometimes not. It's never during one time of the day. I had tests to check for all kinds of things. I just figured it was something I'd deal with and I did.

Then I started juicing and only eating veg/beans/seeds. One day I realized I hadn't thrown up in well, in like, two days. I also found out that tea makes me sick to my stomach, go figure. Black tea. Tannic acid or just I don't know The Queen hates me or something.

ANYway, I have been re-introducing foods. I can do ok with sprouted breads a couple times a week. Three wafer cookies made me sick. SO we did some stuff (the Royal We) and found out while not Celiac or strictly intolerant (others may disagree) gluten makes me feel like crap. And want to kill people.

Enter sorbet for the sugar test. Fine and dandy, which kind of surprised me. Not that I'll be sugaring it up, but this is all part of the process.

Today I had vanilla soft serve. Back to Puky Town along with some noxious fumage. So dairy is out. *GROSS ALERT** I'm also thinking the nausea  has something to do with the lovely mucous I've been spitting since three this afternoon. Funny what you live with day to day and don't notice.

I'm really kind of a private person and I have to idea why anyone would want to read this, BUT, maybe you are having difficulties and can't figure out why. I have eaten this stuff forever and you know what, I have never felt well. AT one point we were (not the Royal, the doctor and I) were looking at Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Anemia and Parkinson's because my tremor was so bad. The tremor is still there, but greatly diminished.

It never occurred to me, or was suggested, it was food related because while fat, I ate what I considered good food. Lots of yogurt, whole wheat, etc.  When I started my juice thing that sort of set the Duh Wheels in motion.

So, what I'm being usually long winded about is start with the basics. If you feel like shit everyday, are tired everyday, take the time to do a food elimination and re-introduction. It's simple and it's, best of all, free.

As for me, I'm satisfied and will go back to juice, veg, etc. Very clean eating. Just the last few days I have felt not so great and I want it back *sob*.  I have not gained any of the weight back now that I'm eating more, in fact I've lost a few more pounds. I have noticed that during my week of what am I allergic to, my skin doesn't look nearly as nice.

Now if I could just learn to love lentils.

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