Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Verizon Ipad 2

Dear Verizon,

I will not go into the utter debacle that has been my shopping experience with you. While everyone has been very helpful and nice, you , Verizon, suck.

Verizon, in all my internet shopping and selling years, I have never been charged for something that wasn't about to ship out the door. Not only have you charged me, that was four days ago and there is no info anywhere about the status of my order. Other then processed.

Because I am not a dumbass, V, I know it was processed because you took $800.00 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT. I can't cancel, but I am welcome to return it, when and if it gets here for a small restocking fee of $70.00.

And no, Verizon, it does not matter nor justify (as you stated) that I couldn't 'get one anyway' because everyone is sold out. What matters is you pocketed my money, that your website hasn't worked since well, forever as far as order checking, and that your helpful CS agents can't access the details of my order.

I understand that you are Apple's bitch in all this. But you took my money and I want my stuff. At the very lest I'd like to know where my stuff IS and when my stuff will SHIP. You have led me on from the get go Verizon and I let it slide.

But I think our relationship is pretty much over. I'll keep your service, but next time, nuh uh.
I was pretty cool with the whole thing, resigned, really, until you took my cash and left me hanging.

ps. The CS folks really were fantastic both with trying to be helpful and with follow up. They were surprised V had taken my money without impending shipment as well.


They can't see anything regarding your order. Which baffles me because I have called every day since Monday and been told it's shipping. Turns out (you'll love this) this is what the Verizon Stores told them. They don't show anything in their system that says this because it was done at the store. If you ordered from a Verizon Store they CAN NOT access your order information. 

So all this time there was no tangible evidence of anything, just a note from the store.

The same store that told me, and you, that we'd get them Tuesday. This is the Arlington VA store.

The same store that processed my order when they had nothing to ship and KNEW they had nothing to ship. If I want information I have to call the store. The store that did this in the first place. 

Because the Verizon store says it's pending, I cannot CANCEL. The Verizon Store cannot offer any proof that it IS pending. I'm just supposed to take their word for it AND pending means two to three weeks in Verizon Store Speak. Because they say it is pending even though they cannot show me proof, I can NOT cancel. See how this works?

Monday  am filing a complaint with VA's Attorney General and I will be Tweeting and blogging my angry little heart out.  I am also filing a dispute with my credit card company.


  1. Call and dispute the order with the credit card company.

  2. That is a good idea. I don't mind waiting, when I know I have to (I was promised I wouldn't) and I understand that things happen and it doesn't bother me too much that Apple is handing out free "Sorry" stuff but all Verizon has to say is Sorry.

    Bit it just craw sticks that they took the cash, you know? Can you imagine if we did that with our customers?