Thursday, March 31, 2011


So I am having three pendants made for three awesome women. I thought you might like to see the process. Kaelin is making them. She is the owner of, a good friend and a partner in Blue Dot Shops.

She's also really freaking talented. She working on a wedding ring for me (to replace a lost one) and I'll share that with you as well although you will all fall over and die when you see the stones and the finished piece. So fair warning.

These are the stones, they are Hemimorphite which means nothing to me except they are pretty. They are supposed to have healing properties and so on, but that's another topic altogether.

Click on the pics for a closer view.

The stones being used are the rugged one in the middle, the triangular one, top left and the dainty one underneath.  The dappled one, top right, is going in my druzy stash along with a smoky grey druzy for something in the future.

Stone ready to be designed around.

Stone on silver to measure.

 Fitting the bezel.

Soldering the silver.

Checking fit.

Pretty nifty, eh? You have fire and stones and silver and stuff. Plus you get to say words like 'bezel'. 
Kaelin will stamp the back of each pendant with Anam Cara (click for definition). The special thing about these three is that while they are different, they all support and respect one another. 

I wanted something that would reflect that unity and the uniqueness of each woman. I also wanted to be able to remind them that they are very special, even if during the day to day no one really seems to notice. 

I also believe in the idea surrounding Anam Cara, the idea that you can't really see beauty in another until you see it in yourself. That you can't appreciate, until you appreciate yourself. And once you do that, the possibilities are boundless, really.

All three pendants will be different, because all three women are different. The more rugged stone and the triangular one Kaelin and I will work through together, but the smaller one needed to be more sophisticated, so I turned that over to her completely. 

I'll be sure and post pictures of the others in progress as K sends them along, and of course the finished work. I'm really grateful to be able to do something like this. Sometimes really wonderful people need a touchstone, to remember how really wonderful someone thinks they are.


  1. freaking amazing...

    and I've never heard Anam Cara before. How amazingly rich and indepth the meaning is!

  2. Oh my gosh, I could fall over and die just to look at these! That colour combined with the druzy look, wrapped in silver? 'Scuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. Amazing!!