Monday, March 14, 2011

I Get a Do Over

Join me on my journey out of Frump Town. WHile I have no intention of being much more then a mud hen, something had to give. SO I bought clothes. Not "wait until I lose weight clothes" but actually 'I HATE the way I look but I need clothes that fit, dammit."

Then I bought shoes. Teva's ok? There only so far I can step away from pragmatic.

I bought (gasp) makeup.  I've never worn mineral stuff and I haven't worn makeup for eleven years. Before that I was make up's bitch. I had to send a pic so she could pick shades for me. Here is my before:

and my after (please excuse the MySpace self held camera stance)

Tomorrow I am going to get partial highlights. After growing out my own color (from red red) for the past three years.  I am not nervous because since I was a hairdresser (among other things) and color correction was my thing, I can say '"Hey, use this."

Barring some unforeseen accidental head implosion, I'll post a pic. I have never posted myself online, but maybe it's time you knew I really didn't' look like a goat (or a fifty year old man in his parent's basement) . Believe it or not I'm wearing foundation, blush and eyeshadow and I don't look like Liza. It is really hard for me to find makeup that doesn't make me have to dress up to wear it.

(yeah, i totally photoshopped my frown lines out.)

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