Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Kinley - Update

This is really frustrating. The minute I dropped his Zonisimide he started seizing again but we have to hang in and wait for the Keppra to build up. Meanwhile I have to watch him 24/7 because his behavior, which has always been challenging has deteriorated. I would imagine fallen over for what he deems no apparent reason is not helping as he is a defensive dog anyway.

So he sort of thinks (I'm guessing) that someone is doing this to him and gets very verbal. I also think he has started to see things during seizure that aren't there, not unusual for focal seizures, but not good. He'll be drugged then have about an hour of himself and then it's time to dose him again.

This fucking sucks.

It's humbling to have everything set up and moving along and then BOOM! system? What system? Thank you to my customers who have been gracious and understanding, which is all of you really. It's much appreciated.

Tomorrow I am getting orders out, sending custom pictures and drawing up a new schedule for myself that will work around Kinley for the time being. I'm worried, I can tell you that, not anyone here. I see him declining and no one really has an answer.

See, he is being treated for seizures as if he has Atypical Idiopathic Epilepsy. Meaning, all we can do is treat the symptoms because the why is an unknown. The best guess is brain trauma because he has no outward signs of neurological dysfunction. No tumor, no infection, no swelling. Plus, you know, being shot with a shotgun at four months, malnourished and abused all kinda point in that infuriating direction.

But he also has no typical epileptic behaviors other then the seizures and those are atypical. And with that I am off to give him his 8:30 dose. Hopefully in a week or two I will have something positive to report.

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