Wednesday, March 2, 2011

About Sums It Up

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So, this business thing. This whole paying attention, reading, doing taxes and learning what the hell SEO is, thing. It's kinda tiring. Because with a made thing, say a plush, let's go with plush, the process ends. What I mean is when I make something there's the start and then Poof! there is the finished product.

No so much with the learning. The brain works, the eyes read, the fingers type but there is no Poof! As a result my brain just keeps ambling along all open ended and tired like.

Then there is the compartmentalization aspect. Who knew pulling together a bajillion ideas into some sort of sharable format would be so, well, hard? Winnowing, I suppose getting to use that word makes some of the process more bearable but still.

I have note taking applications. I don't think one can really grasp how all over the map one is until you start to write everything down as it arrives frontal lobe and center. Which in a way is sort of cool. Because I realise that a lot of time I thought I was being unproductive, I wasn't. But if I don't write it down post haste then it's gone.

I guess notes are the Poof! in the Pudding, so to speak. (It's late so I get a bad pun pass). If I can keep going I may actually come out of this with something to show for it. And by something I mean you know, money.

Marketing course, blogging courses, positive life changing babble from positive life changers-into. It's a whole new world. It's not one I want to LIVE in per say, but it's one I better figure out how to inhabit part time.

Stick around, it could get interesting over the next couple of months. And by interesting I mean changes to the blog and shops and not so much my head exploding.

p.s. I just realized I had the comment permission set to author only. I don't know why anyone would want to comment to themselves, but anyway, it's fixed all proper like. I was kinda wondering why everyone was so quiet...

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  1. I was wondering where the comment thing went. I did the same thing on my facebook page once. Took me a week to figure out my whole page was set to private.
    No offense but the head explosion would be rather interesting.