Friday, October 9, 2009

No wonder the bear went over the mountain.

Cause I just came down and I don't like to see what there is to see. First we have Etsy who has rolled out TWO, yes Two! Partially functioning shiny pieces of tripe. One of which they admit is not functioning and that they KNOW it is confusing but they'll work on it.

This one top of the double dipping that was recently outed and continues to be non addressed. Gee surprise. The constant promo "Cheap! Cheap! Free!" and then this...
go ahead and skip to the last few pages after reading the first.

But, wait, theres more! And you'll love this because it's something we can all be totally pissed about. After reeling a bit and going, WTF?

There's a seller of Etsy named Sprout Mama now I've seen her here and there when I venture into the bowels that is Etc. and she seems like a reasonable, nice person. Lately there's been a bit of a hullabaloo of which is basically a 'this thing sucks on E' sort of site and to be honest, I have no feelings about it one way or the other.

But that stuff doesn't bother me, go ahead, mock my soap, whatever.

But, understandably some people don't cotton to it. I'm sure that's because most of them, like Sprout are nice, reasonable people where I'm more of a 'Eh, off with you..' type.

Anyhow, Sprout posts on Etc. (link to come) that an Etsy member has, ok, wait, I have to sort of reel myself back in....

Ok, ready?

Sprout posts that an Etsy member Tenshi123 has convoed her to tell her she has submitted Sprout's stuff top Regretsy. Why, would someone do that? Well, apparently to let Sprout know that...ready......she's doing it so she can get a link posted to her (Tenshi123's) shop when she opens it.

Here, I'll go get some tea while you reread that a few times.....

Let me help you back up.

Yes, because nothing says "buy from me' then slamming another selling for PR. And what kind of PR, exactly? Unless she's selling "How to be a soulless bottom feeding back stabbing twat." I really couldn't say.

Here, let me run through this again, because I know you are like 'What?!"

Tenshi123 convoes Sprout. In the convo she tells her that she is submitting Sprouts stuff to Regretsy. Explains that she is doing so because she wants the credit (in link form to her non existent shop) as a form of advertising.

Yes, I have checked with Sprout to see if there was some kind of bizarrec ommunication breakdown and Tenshi123 thinks Regretsy is a good site. No. You see, Tenshi felt like she should "confess since it was going to be linked to her (Tenshi's) shop".

Link to Etsy Thread

So you see, while incidences like this generally rally the troops, incidences like this truly boggle the mind.

Let's take the hurtful nature out of it for a moment. Lets also set aside the notion (that I have still not discarded) that this is some horrible practical joke gone awry.

Who on earth thinks this is GOOD PR for a shop you are about to open? With a mindset like that, not to mention a non functioning shop, well, she sounds like a great match for the great morphing pile of glittery crap Etsy has become.

Not because of the sellers, for the most part, but because of this distortion, like, hey, remember that Star Trek where Kirk finds out the President guy is really being used as a puppet? That.

I see Etsy as this great writhing beast being twisted and contorted into something that not only supports this breed of person, but has started a great heaving retching that casts the very best out from it's swollen and putrid belly.

And all the while the Etsy band plays on. I hear Maria plays the drums. Not well, I'm afraid. About as well as she runs Etsy.

Meanwhile admin rushes about finding the latest Hair Nest Finger Cowl' from the same seller as yesterday to hump on the Front Page.

UPDATE: Nope, no joke. This is the rambling post left on the thread by the delightful Tenshi. Rather than snatch that opportunity to make amends, even with some half hearted drivel, she posts this....

"Well that was a thought and it nearly used deductive reasoning. Excellent try. Hope it didn't give too bad a headache. Except you assume I sell on etsy. I don't. I was just trying to make a wish come true, and maybe in the process find out if it was raccoons or etsy crafters who keep rummaging though our trash. That was just an outside change finding that part out."

No, it doesn't make a coherent point, but I think you get the general bitch drift. Well, except now she's recanting the shop opening. The wisest thing she's done, pretty much.


  1. Don't feel bad...I just noticed a person in Storque (who I agreed to lift my neg feedback from) being "featured" not too long ago...yes, another shining example of pictures that say one thing, the actual thing something else entirely...
    Still, I do sell (rarely) on Etsy, whereas I 'expired' my AF shop because of zero sales, and now when I tried to buy from you on zibbet I couldn't becase they are "working on" setting up the ability to make multiple purchases...*sigh* well, at least zibbet does come through -when they say they are working on something, it usually happens pretty quickly, unlike the endless promises of Etsy, who has become the one night stand from hell...but a one night stand is sure better than celibacy...I guess...

  2. I tried to buy from you on zibbet I couldn't becase they are "working on" setting up the ability to make multiple purchases.

    Oh no..... that's not good.

    Use thankyou! on my AF shop and that'll knock 15 percent off. *goes off to see wth is going on at Zibbet..

  3. Plus I'mnot fully stocked there (Zibbet)yet,lol. It's on my to do list, that and Bonanzle.

  4. I did ask zibbet what the ..was goin' on..they said, oh, um, we haven't worked that one out, they are still in beta..and sorry, holly, although I appreciate the discount, I wouldn't shop on AF if they paid sorry I ever even bothered with it...if it's workin' for you, great
    Actually, went to your McEtsy shop-and no coconut soap-what I was gonna buy was the ocean/wood sampler and the coconut soap that you do have listed at zibbet, hence the problem...but I'll go to Etsy and maybe you can set something up for me?
    Oh and by the way, I generally don't peruse the Fora as I used to, so thanks for the heads up about the double-dipping...between you and PussDaddy I get all my Etsy info =op
    Immediately deleted my sale stuff, not that I've had any response to it, but I sure don't want to lose anymore than they're entitled to...
    It's hard to believe that they tried to pull this one off, but someone like me, who isn't a tech wizard or a math genius could have been stung...

  5. Now I remember why I don't go to the Etsy forums hardly anymore.}:/

    Oh Etsy, I wish I knew how to quit you...