Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Camping, crafting and cereal.

Things on this end have been tough. Like, we cut off your water tough (it's back on). Like Repo your car tough (I'll let you know Friday).

So we are going in our soon to be repoed car, to Big Meadows Wednesday through Thursday. It's my hope that this will give me some sort of boost.

See, my spinning room is a mess, although I have picked up the guitar (that I am selling) again. it's half full of things to sell that just need to be finished, sock monsters that need eyes, that poor purple mouse from page three on this blog, waiting for a face. You'll me glad to know all her limbs are attached.

Little felt whales that need stitching, soap that should be made. All stuff that is doable and well, it would make sense in my current circumstance to get it out there. But instead, I walk in there look around and walk out. So I have the 'I should' guilt on top of it all, right?

I think at some point , after so long, your brain just goes "Screw it." It makes no sense, I should be scrambling but well, instead I just shut the door and eat a bowl of cereal. Or three.

Obviously this coping strategy isn't very practical. Being fatter and still broke has it own disadvantages. It used to make me feel better to make things. It doesn't right now.

So, the point of this missive, as uncheery as it is, is that I'm going to be gone. Shop is open, orders will go out Tuesday. Unless, as previously stated, a bear eats me and then you are on your own.
I'm hoping that getting away from the day to day other shoe dropping will help and I can make things again.

And ya know, even if I don't want to, I think by then whether I want to or not won't matter. it needs to be done and I've had enough cereal. Maybe I'll get my bike out...


  1. Been there-halfway there now-if it wasn't for my table at a local Saturday Farmer's Market, don't think I could cope very well...writers get a name for it-'block'-but, we aren't so lucky...I should be making jewelry, painting and cleaning, but...I'm sitting here distracting myself because my camera suddenly won't upload pics to the 'puter...*sigh* wish camping or just walking out were possible for me too...at least I don't feel so impossibly solitary in my inability to cope like some kind of superwoman...we'll get through it..but eat some fruit or something besides cereal...you can always find something edible growing somewhere for nothing...
    Love and good wishes...

  2. I hear you, girl. It's been a while, but been there and done that myself. I hope things start looking up for you. Enjoy your trip.

  3. Holly, I know exactly what you're going through...in 2007, I lost my car and my apartment. They'd already cut off my electricity for two weeks and I had no hot water:( I moved back home to my mom's couch (yeah, I'm that awesome) as my parents were filing for bankruptcy and separating. I promise that it gets better, even when it takes time. I'm praying that things go right for you, because I love what you do and reading your hilarious commentary! Write me sometime!