Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Meadows

Perfect timing, we left as everyone and their Grandmother's dog was rolling in. We got our second fav campsite the weather was beautiful, rained buckets the second night but not until we were tucked in the E.

Somehow we were so busy not many pics were taken, but i did get the obligatory car shot. I want to replace the Basketcase with a Load Warrior both for capacity but but also because I think it needs a bigger rack for proportion. Took the shiny H off the front cause it wasn't working with the whole Tonka Tank concept.

You can see Baxter sitting in the driver seat. No matter how many times I tell him he can't drive, hope springs eternal.

We went to the Tap Room twice. It was VERRRRY laid back and I liked it a lot but I will never pay $3 for a root beer again. We had nachos and pizza on HC recommendation. ASked about Lodge rooms, $25 pet fee, not bad, not great. Maybe next year. It would be nice to have a secure place to just chill with the dogs.

Gabriel took deer pics. We went to hike in the meadow and there was a couple with horses. He asked them if they wanted an apple for the horses and they not only cut it and let him feed but the gentleman sat him on the horse.

It was a very kind gesture. I often think that people underestimate the magnitude of something so simple and generous. Gabriel will probably remember that for a very long time. I found it very touching. it was a HUGE deal for the boy and the closest he's ever been to a horse.

The dogs were outstanding, as usual. I will say that camping without them, or with one would be more relaxing. Being the dogs they are, they need constant supervision when around strangers. Not because they are mean, but they are very on the job. So I have to be the first to meet and greet anyone. Then they are lovely smush buckets.

Having to be the Big Boss the entire time gets a little tiring. But they have SUCH a good time, you know?

We saw a gentleman with a black dog in his sidecar. Ended up behind him on 66 for a ways and was so nervous about the dog half in and out. I mean, it's a Mom thing.

Sad to leave, honestly. Two night is too short, but even if I didn't have the teacher conference thing it would have been crazy crowded. Decided we really need two Coleman SUV air mattresses. For some reason I can't get the one to fully inflate, no leak, just, hmmm. But with two I think it would be better.

We are still working with the dealer in regard to the car. I'll let you know what happens, should know by Monday.

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