Friday, October 14, 2011

You wouldn't think

That adding a half mile to two miles would be hard, right? Well, its harder then I thought. I did it, all running but I was surprised at how challenging it was mentally, not so much physically to add that milage on.

The first half mile always sucks. Then but the end of mile one I'm fine and dandy. But today I kept having the 'When I get to 2 miles I can walk for two minutes." mental interruption. I have no idea why. So I made a deal with myself that I'd do just that with no intention of actually doing it.

By 2.40 my form was getting sloppy, that seemed to be the magic slop number but by then it was kind of stupid to stop. I'm happy that I finished and happy that I kept it under a 12 mile pace (barely) constantly which is faster for me. Plus my heart rate is staying at a much lower rate these days.

But why is it that my mind wants to quite before my body does? I'm not even in pain. I get tired, sure, but what the hell? Maybe it's that part of your brain that thinks something must be really wrong if you are running for that long.

Sometimes when I get tired I imagine some kind of survival scenario (most morbid runner ever) just to try and convince my brain that no, really, this is good. Monday I go to 2.75 so that should be interesting. SOmetimes I wish my head would just STFU.

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