Monday, October 17, 2011

Increasing mileage

Ok, so now I am up to 2.75 although I ran 2.91 because I don't know, because I could, dammit. Besides I was really tired of going 4.5 MPH so I sprinted at 5.8 MPH until I felt like I was going to throw up. Would you believe that's my favorite part?

I'm really pleased because I am running all the way through, keeping a consistent pace. And then I glance over and see the woman next to me is going 6.8 MPH. But five minutes later she's gone and I'm trudging along. Distance, not speed is my goal. Although a little faster would be nice. Then I realize I AM going faster then last month. It's this ever increasing goal, have to adjust as there is no arriving and done. There is just getting better.

But I still hit that 2.25 point where my brain is like, wimpy, whine, pouty PIA brain. My next thing is to make myself actually run outside. I LIKE the treadmill, it has a water holder, the bathroom is right in the gym.

Plus it's soft and you just go and can zone out. Then you get off and go do something else. But since races for whatever reason aren't held on treadmills (I would SO be there) I need to run outside rather then only running outside during a race. Or, maybe I don't, we'll see.

Now Trail Running I would do. Maybe I need to drive to a trail...


  1. Great job with the run! Also - didn't comment on your last blog, but THANK YOU for featuring what I've learned from marathon runners. Are you planning on running one???

  2. I want to run a Half next Fall. I think that's more realistic since my mileage to date is so low.

    Or maybe I just know myself well that saying a Full Marathon will totally freak me out and make me fail in a grand and glorious fashion.

    More then likely involving cake.