Saturday, October 29, 2011

Meet My Internal Locust

Ok, so it's really Internal Locus of Control but in my mind (hmmmm) it's an Internal Locust. NOT Jiminey Cricket, what an annoying twit he was. I think Jiminey was the first cartoon character I ever wanted to Bitch Slap.

I first read about it while reading about training for a marathon. One of the things you do to develop it is when you have a 'bad' experience you say to yourself "But it doesn't matter."

I'm tired, but it doesn't matter.

That asshole is driving like an idiot, but it doesn't matter.

I'd rather not run today, but it doesn't matter.

You get the idea. Well, it turns out it's also a big part of Behavior Modification in dogs in regard to the BAT method. But that's over on Guilt Free Fido.

Anyhow, I'm pretty wiped this morning, but it doesn't matter. It's raining and freezing out but it doesn't matter. Because I have My Internal Locust of Control. I tried to find an combat locust but this is the closest I could get, its a Locust Sniper from Gears of War.

I'm confident he could run 13.2 miles.

In fact, I'm sure he's way past the 'but it doesn't matter' stage.

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