Monday, June 6, 2011

The Salvage Mission Continues

Me and my new hair in my hallway.

Me and my new hair in my car.
I have new hair. It's, you know, my hair. Just different. I had to buy a blowdryer. And a round brush. It looks good just regular old drying by itself, but I wanted you to see it all fancy. I have come to terms with the fact this means a cut every couple months and not twice a year.

I'm not trying to be all MySpace with those photos, I don't really smile in 'real' ones either. I didn't want you to think my fancy hair made me all serious.

People ask me what's wrong all the time. Nothing is, you know, until they ask and then I'm all like 'What?' and then it's awkward.

The back is awesome too, but I haven't quite gotten the taking the back of my head picture knack. I'm loathe to risk dropping the iPhone for a picture of the back of my head.

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