Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dear Young Fat Girl,

Please, lose the weight NOW. Trust me. Unless you plan on doing the whole 'I love myself so much my size doesn't matter even though I am killing myself.' thing for the rest of your life, do it NOW.

This is what I feel like pulling younger fat girls aside and saying to them. Because it's really fucking hard at almost 45. I'd imagine at 40 but I wasn't trying then. Or at 35 or 30 for that matter.

Really. Hard.

Plus the damage is done. You lose the weight at 24 and you'll pretty much be ok.

Try it at my age and struggle to convince yourself this is the healthy thing to do as you deflate into this melting Jabba the Hut thing. WHile at the same time realizing just how far gone you are, how long it will take and that you aren't going to look good with your clothes off ever again and it serves you right.

I know you don't want to hear this now. But let me be your cautionary tale.

This is a terrible place to have put oneself in. Somewhere between self loathing and being so I don't even know the word to encompass it, ashamed, maybe, that you did this to yourself. You did. For YEARS.

Sure, maybe it started out as a coping mechanism. But for this long?! Nope. I think at this point it doesn't really matter why. But, wow, yeah.

Fix it now. I urge you.

Fix it now.


  1. I wish someone had convinced my parents to stop smoking when they were young. I know that if they quit right now, it would improve their quality of life and life expectancy by a ton - my grandfather-in-law smoked for 20 years, quit at 45, and is now 90. But I think maybe possibly someone could have gotten to them at 25 or 35 or 50. Now it's become part of who they are, and I think changing that is the hardest thing.