Friday, June 17, 2011

Progress isn't always pretty.

I hate posting these, but whatever. One of the great myths about weight loss is that it comes off evenly and you shrink like a pitiful creature under an evil villain's shrink ray. If you have a LOT of weight to lose, this is not how it works.

In fact, you may look worse there for a while, at least proportionally. Even better, while you may lose, you may not always see that loss.

I have lost 16 pounds since May which isn't shabby. I've lost inches too but of course that gut is hanging on for dear life. Even better, you can see in the last picture, I have the ass gut/boob gut thing going on. You can actually see were my ab muscles are separated after two very large pregnancies both ending in c-sections.

You can sort of make it out in the grey shirt one, in the most recent black shirt, you can see more unfortunate definition and that my gut boobs have moved up.

Lets not forget the apron there, yes, that is skin, not some weird fold thing going on with my work out pants. This area is never going to look good, but whatever. I have a sinking feeling it's going to get a lot worse, but again, whatever.

ANYhow, if you are trying to lose a lot of weight, this may very well be a part of your process. if you are not obese and reading this, do not become obese because I am not the exception to the rule, gentle reader, I am the rule. If you get very fat and stay very fat for very long, this is what is in store for you.

This, after five days a week at the gym and 1650 calories a day, everyday. This is the result of trying as hard as possible.

The picture in the grey is from May 1 and the last one is from this morning. My gut looks bigger then i the other pictures because the rest of me is smaller. I know, kind of not fair, huh?

My fitness level has improved drastically along with my stamina and I am on the art of C25K where you run for 3 minute intervals. So I have gone from 60 second intervals at 3.2 to 90 second at 3.4 to three minutes at 3.9-4.0. I can't say enough good things about this program.

Nothing hurts before, during or after. This is because the program is designed to build up. Oh, and I cannot stress the important of a good HRM. I have the FT60 and it's worth every (many of them) dime.

SO, this is where I am. it isn't where I want to be, it's better then I was. I just thought it might be helpful to someone out there to see what this looks like and what to expect.

You can see how my gut has sort of deflated,lol. You can see where my ab boobs have moved up which is why the profile picture (black) looks like I'm bigger there. It's more noticeable if you compare the blue tank top pictures with the one below it. If you click on the pic you can zoom in.

I just try and focus on the fact that there is more space between my torso and my arms. I'll take what I can get at this point.

That's fat loss and building muscle tone, it's not pretty but it's progress.

Ps.  know I could lose weight a little faster. I lost 60 pounds on Low Carb seven years ago really fast (ad gained it all back, of course.). Thing is my plan isn't  to lose 73 pounds and then die. My plan, God willing, is to lose 73 pounds and keep living. So I'd like to look as good as reasonably possible and be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Plus if my skin has any chance of reducing it needs to be a slow and steady low with at least a year of maintaining for recovery and any potential changes. Skin removal surgery is not an option. It's a five figure surgery, but more then that it's a month of doing NOTHING followed by six months of doing less, the recovery is really painful and the risk of complication is still fairly high. 

Some have documented the process on youtube. The vast majority are GBS patients who lost tons of weight very quickly. Besides, there are consequences to doing this to oneself. 

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  1. You look a lot skinnier, truth. Maybe part of it is that you're holding yourself better as a result of the exercise or something.

    Speaking of which, I can't do any physical activity for three minutes, much less cardio, hah.