Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Girls in Magazines

So I am supposed to be doing a focus board. SO I've been looking through tons of magazines to find a body type I'd want to have. Within reason, I mean it's never going to look fantastic.

This is the email I finally sent to my trainer.

"You know what the problem is? They have no spark, depth or fierceness. They look insipid and one dimensional. They aren't interesting. 

"See how happy I am now that my ass is toned?"

I'm never going to look like that and you know, I never wanted to. I was driven by the desire to learn fight skills needed to take someone out as efficiently as possible. Like, a whole philosophy and culture and teachings hundreds of years old. 

These did not involve fulfillment by ass toning. 

I'm sticking with Xena. She may not be a real person, but I'm not convinced the majority of these fitness models are either.

In case you have no idea who I'm talking about. SO I queued up 134 episodes on Netflicks. Except the last one, the series ending SUCKED."


  1. I dunno about your trainer. I hate to be honest about this, but:
    A. You're never going to look like anyone in a magazine. *I'm* never going to look like anyone in a magazine. They're airbrushed, and young, and fakely tan, and half-naked *all* the time, and they mostly were never fat to begin with. If they were, and they're in a magazine now, probably they had some plastic surgery of some sort.
    B. You aren't getting fit so that you can look like someone in a magazine. You're getting fit so you can live a happier healthier (warrior-er, in your case) life. So magazine people aren't really your idols; their bodies aren't your idol bodies.
    C. Xena is awesome. Also did you see her on Battlestar? Awesome.

  2. Oh, we harbor no illusions,lol. Her thing is you do a focus board to set a goal. If you are a visual person it helps you because then when you are dying on the treadmill you can 'see' where you are going.

    It's not just body type, it's things you'd like to have or feel, etc. I think her approach is more on a Metaphysical Level the whole create you new reality thing by thinking as if it's going to happen.

    Does it work? I have no idea.

    I want to run, so for me, I would put things about running on my focus board.

    I was a little surprised, to be honest, as to how souless many of these models looked. I haven't cracked open a magazine in years unless it was about cooking.

    I think my Cosmo girls in my teen years have more personality. At least they looked like they had some kind of spark, you know?