Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Soaps On The Site

This is a stunner. Fresh and clean, single tone Iris.

You know the one you didn't marry but sometimes wonder about?

This is a might good smelling soap, citrus, hay, musk, green, fresh air, musk, oak moss, and patchouli. The soap will probably be around longer then he was anyway.

Lemon Mint
Sweet mint and fresh lemon. Think Italian Ice. Or you know, think whatever, but if they made an ice that tasted like this smells I'd be all over it.

New Mown Hay
Warm, golden fresh cut hay. Without the allergies or horse poop.

Crushed Ice
Man, this is so awesome. It's a watery cool scent. Great for Summer. I've already pulled like eight bars for myself.

Goat Mountain Arts Site
Enter Openhouse at check out for 2o percent off!

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