Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do.

Etsy as soon as we are through, this damnable Firefox is going too. Nothing personal FF but you suck.

It's been harder then I thought to resist listing new things on Etsy. Makes no sense, attachment? Habit? Hope springing eternal? But I haven't.

Being away from Etsy has made be really focus on MY goals rather then what's wrong with Etsy now. Do I miss the forums? I miss the people, but those people I maintain relationships with.

I am happy with myself for not being the girl who complains about her boyfriend but never leaves.

My site is getting traffic, mailings are being sent. I don't know, will it pan out? Would I have left it Etsy didn't hit that brick wall?

Maybe and more then likely. Dysfunction Junction isn't where I need to be, although it is the most comfortable for me. Which isn't you know, healthy. Now I'm thinking why not set a fire under my own ass rather then railing away at a venue who has never listened as if they suddenly will?

But as odd as it is, it is a little bittersweet, a lot nerve wracking but kinda exciting too. Now I have to go out in the world and promote. Something I never did on E. Yep.

But I think it's best for both of us, Etsy. And to be honest, it's something I should have done months ago. I'll watch my listing expire and find comfort in the fact that it's not me, it's you. Maybe you changed, or maybe I just wasn't paying attention because the money was good. But now that I've stepped back for a couple weeks, it's clear you and I simply aren't meant to be.

Of course, watching my listing expire may be a little anxiety producing...


  1. I am so hearing you, Goat ... breaking up IS so hard to do and I am working on it. Feels good!
    Onward and Upward! Here's what I am thinking (Uh Oh) Life will have less stress when this rural gal doesn't have put up with the Oh So Urban BS and WILL NO LONGER play that game! Thanks for letting me vent. You Go Girl and I am going with you. Julie

  2. It's funny isn't it, it's like all of a sudden Etsy just took a dive and all the things we put up with as long as we had sales,well, became intolerable when we didn't.

    Fred Wilson's comment concerns me very much, where he talk about how Etsy has room for more then 'just' handmade goods and what it sells now.

    This, to be screams 'collectives' as as he goes into how neato it would be to buy real cultural items from different countries all I can envision are basically small scale factories.

    It would explain why some resellers stay after months of flagging. I can't see many Etsy sellers being able to compete with goods direct from India for example, or supplies direct from Thailand.

    ANd I wonder what the other items Mr. Wilson sees Etsy selling, really are?

  3. Did you give up on Z? I'm working more on my own site too... are you liking your cart? I signed up at craftisart.com and am linking to my items there from my products pages. It's working well so far. The main page ( www.beachyrustica.com ) still has the mini but this page http://seaglassknobs.blogspot.com/p/sea-glass-collection_06.html is linked to craftisart. I'd love to compare notes! :) I tried the free cart at ecwid but liked this setup better since I'm getting on google web search & product search with CIArt.

  4. I haven't given up but my focus right now is my own site goatmountainarts.com and another project plus show season has started for Grumpys.

    I'm concerned about duplicate content in Google so still wrestling with that. i did close shops that I had opened just to save the name. or at least emptied them out.

  5. Actually a few tweaks to your title and first line of description will eliminate the duplicate listings on Google problem. Here's an article I wrote about the new google web search: http://www.bit.ly/updatingsearch