Friday, April 30, 2010

My spot

See spot 29? That's where I'll be on the 8th. I was slated for number 6 and I'm sure sensible people would be like "Are you nuts?" to which I would reply "Yes, and your point?".

Yes, I'm the seller that doesn't like crowds. There I said it. Lots of people milling about make me feel a bit at sea.

It doesn't mean I'm hunkered down writing my manifesto as buyers walk by glancing in anxiously, it's just I like to have you know, boundaries. Ok, plus I hang stuff from them, but that's practical.

Just you know, a couple walls up there. Makes me feel much more comfortable. Even at inside shows, I have like really tall shelves. A defining whatever.

Put me in a room with thirty dogs and I'm in heaven. Put me in a room with thirty people and I need a wall. Go figure.

Plus it's shady, dude, a fat girl in the sun is not a happy seller. Walls or no.

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