Thursday, June 18, 2009

The undead are getting on my nerves.

Why is everyone a vampire wannebe these days? I get the whole 'Twilight' thing although in my regard it's more like "Beverly Hills 90210 Get's Gothic With It". Whatever, ok.

But to walk into every bookstore these days is the equivalent of trying to dodge sprayers at the perfume counters. Except is slayers and the vampires who love them. So far the only thing missing is "Marley and Me: Marley Lives...." the story about an untrainable vampire dog and the high hilarity that follows.

Undead teens abound. Although anyone who has one (a teen that is) will attest that it's hard to distinguish at times between the living and the undead teenager. Vampire writers, vampire families, some chick on a flying coffin, it's out of control.

I even think there was an undead Nancy Drew kind of thing going on with one series. Hard to solve a mystery when all your work is done in the evening, I'd imagine. It must be a bitch trying to keep your suspects awake enough to answer questions.

So, dear authors, enough already, put a stake in it, I'm done.

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