Monday, June 1, 2009

Tour, sorta

This is Frosty (RIP). He wasn't my goat. If he was he wouldn't be alone and chained. But he looked like a goat I would have liked very much.

I thought you might like to see where the stuff that gets made, gets made. Well, not the soap and dyeing, that's downstairs and for another day. You'll note the strategic pictures that avoid the big mess made moving yesterday.

This is some of the work that will be cut into strips for hooking. "Some" alludes to the fact that there is a lot more. Most of it waiting to be dyed downstairs.

These are some strips waiting to be used in my next project. I prefer to use mottled fabric as it allows for more depth and shading.

It's also a lot easier to dye..

I use mostly acid but am trying to use up the Procion dyes as well. My method is very precise. I take quarter yards and smash them in a crock pot, turn it on low and then pour some vinegar on top.

I'm not a very good project planner so I find it best to have enough of the 'general idea' at hand to see me through.

This was part of the big organising yesterday and replaces a huge dresser that was used to store some of this and basically take up way to much space.

At the bottom is one of Gabriel's pictures, you can see the finished project on my shop, links the the right.

These are some (note usage) of my yarns and weaving threads, spindles, bobbins and general what not. The baskets hold various fleece that I use for whatever when the feeling takes hold. I find Cotswold to be very hook friendly, it has the sheen of Mohair without all the slip.

There's a few niddy noddys and buried there is a small iPod stereo.

My Majacraft Suzi Pro. When we go downstairs I'll show you the carders and other things that help Suzi work.

These are parts of two closets. There are a few more all containing yet more fiber, fabric and weaving supplies. I am nothing, if not prepared.

This is some (see, you are getting it now..)of my fleece that I've had put into roving by Spinderella.

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