Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I ran a mile which was easy peasy and I even started at 4.5 MPR which is something I usually have to work up to,lol.

Envision race morning...

Me: Wow, my shoes hurt. This isn't good. Come to think of it they hurt whenever I just stand in them and have so for a couple weeks.

Race starts, oh well.

It was the orthotics. They were great 35 pounds ago. Now not only do I not need them, they were putting my arches a a position they really didn't want to be in and as a result I was whacking the hell out of my metatarsal head.

Now that I'm lighter and run more, my feet have changed. Why it took me so long to clue in on this I'll never know. So I replaced them with the insoles they came with and all has been well. Plus I use that spiky ball thing.

Outside running is still off for now though. Which bites because I have that 8K December. Of course I have no business running an 8K after being out for two weeks and only running three miles, ever. Andrew also reminded me that while it's great I ran a mile, it doesn't mean I should try and run two tomorrow.

Annoying common sense.

Now I need to start a new sports bra fund. I put it on the other day and was like, WTH are those gaps on each side? Who knew underarm fat was such a bra filler?


  1. Congrats on running fast! And good thing you caught the shoe problem before it became a serious injury! Are you doing the Run Streak? Sounds like you've been getting lots of great activity!

  2. I wanted to but I have been forbidden to run everyday until I'm back up to speed (pun intended). it sounds awesome though.