Sunday, November 20, 2011

About that running outside thing.

I know have a rip roaring case of  metatarsalgia in my left foot. It hurts like a bastard. All the time. I recall a couple days after the race going "Ow, what the hell?' but then felt fine AND let's remember I've been sick and haven't run since then. But I have been dog walking and where does that happen? Outside, on pavement.

I have the podiatry equivalent of The Princess and the Pea in my left foot. That's where my dorsal flexion got all wonky and sidelined me. The left hamstring, the left soles. I need a new left side, preferably bionic.

I am going back to the gym Monday and I am determined to run again *shakes fist in air* but I won't be running outside until next year, at least. This is just getting stupid. I'm off to see if I can get some kind of pad so at least when I'm not walking my food with STFU.

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