Monday, November 7, 2011

In which I Fall Off The Wagon and Land On My Fat Ass


I was doing so well, you know?

Then I got sick and then I got busy and then I was sick and busy and now I'm busy and feel like shit but I'm not sick. Lots of processed foods. Cheeseburger on the way to a client's house. The it's like WTF? why not eat this bowl of Cheerios?

Ok, so it's not ice cream and it's not cake. It's not Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes. But it isn't very good food because it's the wrong food for me. I've started throwing up again, I'm tired and I gained two pounds.

We don't have the money to support the veggie heavy lifestyle of a few months ago, but I can do a low end juice fast for three days to get back on track. So starting tomorrow that's what I am going to do. Plus whatever cheap fruit I can find.

I felt better, I felt happier. Sure things suck so hard right now it's unbelievable, but I could FEEL better, right? It's not a matter of calories as I'm confident I've been eating too little if anything, it's the crap. Like today I ate an Egg McMuffin, no meat, isn't that bad really and it's under 300 calories.

But then I got busy and forgot to eat until 3:00 and was starving so ended up eating a bunch of bready Mexican Bakery stuff and some pizza. Made myself drink a bunch of water and that's my intake for the day. Oh, and a bowl of cheerios.

Not really a nice way to treat a body is it? The I start craving crap like Mac and Cheese in a box?! WHat happened to Clean Eating? Oh, the stuff I have to MAKE, right...

SO, yeah, it won't be a pretty next couple of days, but at least I won't feel like such a loser.


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