Thursday, January 27, 2011


Not a fan of the flash. Kinley was doing better until a couple days ago and then it was like before he went on the meds. So I called his neurologist and his wonderful assistant Kimberley got back to me with a few hours.

One of the things I like (among many) about Dr. Knoekal is he wants to hear whats going on regardless of if he's in or not. Like when I brought Kinley in to the ER at 10:30 and they called him at home to run the case by him.

The goal here is to keep him on the Zonasimide and that only. So we increase him to 300 mg a day, which is three capsules at 8:00 am and another three at 8:00 pm. The drug takes about two weeks to built up and it's only been two but his sudden decline means we increase.

So, I'll start that tonight. You know, I have all these alarms set because it's crucial it's taken at the same time, but he always knows. He'll come up to me about fifteen minutes before, usually when on on my Mac and stare at me.

Then he'll paw my leg.  Then he'll put his head in my lap and stare with his "Hey, dumbass." look. I have no idea how he knows, but then I also don't know how he learned how to open the door, and the gate and...

I call Monday to let them know how he did over the weekend. Hopefully this will work as the next step is phenobarbital in conjunction with his current meds and that is something we are trying very hard to avoid. It works, but can be debilitating and he's only three, you know?

Stupid epilepsy.

p.s.That is snow on Kinley, don't want anyone thing he has dandruff.

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