Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Am I having fun yet?

You know, the base reality of this whole, make stuff and sell it, seems to not be all about making stuff. I have sent the last three days joining a team (go Norfolk and Chance!) learning with tumblr is and resigning myself to the fact that nothing is properly spelled out anymore.

And now here I am, in my car (not driving) typing all of this onto my iPad from my Apple keyboard (so freaking awesome) on an app that will send it out to my what, three, four blogs? Never mind the apps I’ve browsed, bought, tried and been driven into a homicidal rage by.

The spreadsheet I had to learn to use and the passwords i've made and then promptly forgotten. Never mind the deep resentment I've built up over the machinations of GMail. Oh, not to mention its not very techy to have an aol.com address. I think aol.com addresses are viewed much in the way Comic Sans and Papyrus is. I don’t care.

I know all this is important just as I know I need a friggin lap desk if I’m gonna be typing in my damn car. I also know that I better get some major camping in this Spring and Falls. Sans iPad. Ok, maybe just like an iTouch with Scrabble on it.

There are a lot of things in life I've already learned that I didn't want to. Things that frustrated the hell out of me. I'm assuming there is some kind of positive in these sorts of lessons though. Not the life lessons, those just flat out sucked, the tech stuff.

Thing is if I don't start making things all of this be will for naught. And naught is no good. Naught has had enough, thankyouverymuch. So I get it, really, but damn it all, give me a donkey and a cart and I'm good. Not a virtual cart either.

Barring that, I guess i have to suck it up and make out with HAL or whatever a girl has to do in this market these days. If you'll excuse me I am going to go read a book, but you know, not like an actual PAPER one.

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