Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I'm dying here...


  1. My fav is when the Beyonce person looks at the phone as asks 'Are you trippin' on acid?'

    For the record I finally watched two real Gaga videos and well, um, well. Ok so in Papparazzi she gets killed but then she gets better and then she kills the guy, or whatever and WTF with Bad Romance.

    Until I saw it I thought the Parody was WAY over the top (Lord Gaga vs Lady Gaga).

    Cat hands? FFS, really? Cat hands and latex chef hat mask things?

    I came away wondering if everyone that had to make out with her ()and there's a LOT) didn't' spend fifteen minutes in the bathroom with a bottle of mouthwash afterwords.

  2. Or in other words, crap the Marquis De Sade woulda thought was tacky.