Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Killing

Tk about the show main

The Killing is what we are watching over at Team Goat. Feel free to join in. But don't read the Killing Klatch thread until you watch the  pilot. I downloaded the first two shows for free from Itunes. No ads. Awesome. Bought the season pass.

In Standard Definition. Until someone can explain to me WHY HD is ten dollars more, I'm having none of it. I mean, do they have to harvest more pixels or only virgins can record the soundtrack or what?

 I have yet to watch something I find worthy of watching and lament that it isn't in HD.

ANYway, it's based on a Danish series. I seem to be having a Danish weekend as I also rented Let The Right One In just haven't watched it yet. Just discovered Netflicks. yeah I know, but remember I never watch TV or movies.

But now the iPad has data G whatever, I have that hour or so I'm sitting in the car waiting for the boy to get out of school.

SO, why not?

I have like a kagillion scary movies, starting with The Orphanage queued up as well as Season One of Sanctuary. What's not to like about a show where the people save monsters?

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