Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Try looking at it another way...

That's from James and The Giant Peach. Saved him in the end too. While I don't have a giant rhino trying to run my ass down, I do feel overwhelmed and the latest, in a long line of Etsy nonsense has really got me down.

I was trying to 'be more productive'. I can make lists. I just don't do what is one them. Those organiser books? I have tons. All with the first few pages filled out. I have am erasable marker bulletin board, I have a regular bulletin board.

I have files. Subfiles. Which reminds me I still haven't filed taxes, dammit. Which is stupid because I don't owe any but now I'll have to pay a late filing fee.

My house is a mess. If the Publishers Clearing House people showed up I'd simply insist the shove the giant check under the door.

Exercise? Ahahahahahaaaaa.. This leads to dog guilt. As in they don't get out as much as they should guilt.

In short, I'm about done in.

So today I tried something different. I wrote down everything that I HAD done. And guess what, turns out I did a lot.

made two batches of soap
laminated Grumpy cards
worked online
cleaned the living room
pruned some of the front yard
took inventory and listed stock to be made

That's really not that bad, is it. I also did the daily dog park thing with Kinley and of course drove the children to and from school. And now I'm looking for a website host (see first paragraph).

Now there are still a lot of things that need doing. I'm not satisfied with much. But I'm making more of an effort then I thought I was.

So this is what I am going to do daily. Couldn't hurt to try. I may even go clean the bathroom..


  1. I make lists, and get pumped about what I cross off (it's never everything). It's the same as what you did in reality, just a different way of doing it.

    The feeling that you have done "something" is what we are all after, no matter how we get there.

    Good work.

  2. The longest journey always starts with getting one's ass out of an office chair... Fear not! Spring is coming. I can smell it!