Friday, February 19, 2010

Well pinch my ass and call me Daisy.

New soap for pre order Morning Marigold.

"Top notes of peach, cassis, dewberry, and marigold lead to a floral middle accented with jasmine and rose. Woody base notes with a touch of Javanese vetiver round this glorious fragrance out. "

That is the official description. I got it because I have a tendency to get in a bit of a rut in regard to my scent preferences. I did not expect to like it at ALL but figured it would be a good Spring Seller.

Well, when I opened the bottle I got so damn excited I had to go make a batch this afternoon. It's been a LONG time since I've wanted to run around shoving a bar of soap under stranger's noses while shrieking 'You HAVE to smell this!"

It is just fantastic, all the top notes and what notes aside, what it smells like is a warm marigold, but without the acrid note marigolds tend to have. It's like a rounded, warmed, sweetened marigold scent.

A much welcomed mid Winter one for sure but one that just knocks my socks right off and blows them across the room and then down the street where they tumble one over the other utnil they are out of sight.

I think you'd like it very much. It will be set up in a couple weeks and ready to ship. If ya wanna pre order just drop me a line at


  1. So, goat, when are ya gonna set up a scratch and sniff bar on yer bog?

  2. Man, I wish you could smell this. I'm not really a floral type, although I am coming out with a violet for Spring, but this is really WOW.

    I needed wow, I'm so over so much at Etsy right now I'm feeling very unwowed.

  3. I hear you on the big E, getting depressed just talking about it...but violet? Ah I've spent years trying to once again find violet essential oil, used to have it always, back in the 60's (really aging myself here) but haven't been able to find the real deal for so this an artificial or genuine violet...I could be seduced...