Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Goats and gaggles.

Yes, I know about 'that' blog and the diatribe put forth by the author. All I care to contribute is that as long as people I have no respect for have no respect for me, I think I'm doing just fine. Anything more would denote interest or concern on my part. Of which I've neither.

But, this saves the time of those who have been kind enough to write. The point of spewing more poison out into an already difficult world escapes me much less being so important to someone I have no personal investment in. I'm just a poster on a forum, after all.

While I appreciate the kind thoughts, though, it's not the kind of thing that upsets me. I do find it curious that someone I have no previous interaction with would do this, much less try and start a campaign to have me muted. But then again, I don't get Anon commentary either. Why would anyone feel they couldn't express their feeling about me in name, I mean, what am I gonna do, come to your door with a bat?

So, no worries and let's get on with the Season, shall we? I've disabled comments for this post because I'd prefer to just leave it be rather then feed it. I'm sure you have very real upset in your life, as do I, why spend energy on something like this, you know?