Friday, December 18, 2009

It's THAT good.


Chocolate dipped with nuts.

These are the apples that made me come back just to post even though I'm officially on vacation.

For starters the shop owners are delightful people to deal with, very responsive, ship fast and have a sense of humor. I think the humor is really important if you are making happy food, you know?

Anyhow, this was the direct result of some bizarre out of nowhere hankering for a caramel apple. I'd imagine my brain thought "Hey, I know you want to climb a water tower with a rifle, but how about...?"

The shop is SinnersSaintsSweets and you should order from them.

Order a lot. Send some to me.
I picked them because they had the best price but also because they are new shop. I think it's important to give newbies a boost when you can.

Except when you are buying soap, you should always buy that from me. Back off, newbie soap sellers! *waves bar around menacingly*

I got the chocolate with nuts and a Snickers for the boy because I didn't want to share. I could have, I mean they are 14 ounces (superbig) but you know, sometimes Moms just want their own damn stuff.

The apple was fabulously tart and juicy. It was nicely presented and the caramel and chocolate top shelf stuff. I know cause I make this stuff. Or used too, not so much anymore, but I digress. Caramel making can be tricky and I 'm impressed that they nailed the right consistency to coat an apple so very, very nicely.

So, that's the story and now I'm going back to my blog break. I even tweeted about the shop, you know how much I so do NOT Tweet, right? My only complaint is that they lack a matter beaming device and you have to wait for the USPS.

They need to work on that. Or move to the East Coast, I mean, you know, whatever is easier for them.

P.S. If they made a salty pretzel dipped in caramel and chocolate they would totally own me.
(hint hint)


  1. Thanks so very much for sharing that gorgeous looking thing with a Canadian who can't get 'em shipped waistline, in particular is grateful, my brain however wants to get up to the top of a water tower and...
    Go back to your vacation and stop torturing me...Happy Holidays!!

  2. AH, that sucks. Happy Holidays, sweety. And a fabulous New Year!