Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This whole back to school thing is great, but what a time suck. I guess fourth grade is when it gets 'real'. So between the boy and whatnot I know I haven't been around. Sorry about that. I do have a couple new soaps that will go up today or tomorrow.

I'm also working on a seller's list for the Holidays. These are sellers I can personally vouch for. Either through purchase or reputation.

Sale coming up in October.

Anyone want to come over and clean my house?


  1. Your son has my empathy...don't know why, but fourth grade was nto only when it got 'real', but when it started gaetting hard-especially Math.
    I learned at that early age i was no mathemetician...hopefully he'll have a better time of it

  2. I hear ya! We're in second week of preschool, part time mind you, and I'm amazed how much time I spend in the evenings getting stuff together for the next day.

    I see I have much much more to look forward to.

    Hey, your Artfire coupon widget looks great.

    ShinyAdornments on Artfire