Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Public Service Announcement for Real

Check out your dealer before you buy. All it takes is getting the VIN number and calling the DMV who will steer you to the right division.

Somethings are happening and I was advised to not discuss it further at this point. I'll let you know where it goes.


  1. I am terrified to ever buy a used car because of this stuff..luckily my little truck which I bought new is paid for, so I will never again need to (knock wood, is that considered Green?), but it is the same everywhere, in Canada too...really do your homework-if people can do it with a scam mortgage for a house-doing it with a stolen car is easy...

  2. This wasn't stolen, that's actually an easy thing to check on and that I did. This can also happen with new dealerships as well, he sold both new and used cars.

    There was a Jeep dealership, in PA I think, that did the same thing to a bunch of people. It used to be so uncommon there was no thought of tangible recourse, but now it's becoming more common as the small dealerships are struggling.

  3. Oh crap.

    I'd heard about this via the Consumerist.com website. It really sucks 'knowing' someone affected by this though.}:(