Tuesday, February 22, 2011

True Story

So last night I order this .

I get the following email.

Thank you for your recent purchase. We are a third-party reseller on Amazon, and this means we are responsible for shipping the products we offer. If you purchased other products at the same time, then they will be shipped separately, either by Amazon or another third party.

May we ask you some questions regarding your order? NO RESPONSE IS REQUIRED, and we will not delay the shipment of your order if you choose not to respond, but please double-check your order at the very least.

1) Could you please verify your mailing address?


Some customers accidentally specify an older address, causing a delay in delivery. If this happened to you, please reply to this email and include your updated address.

2) Could you please verify the contents of your order?

Order ID: 102-2658043-4919409
Order Date: 21-Feb-2011
Quantity: 1
Description: COMBO Sticky Pad w/Grantwood Logo BLACK
+ FM Transmitter/Car Charger iPad/iPhone/iPod BLACK
Price Each: $ 22.99
Total: $ 22.99
Subtotal: $ 22.99
Sales Tax: $ 0.00
Discount: $ 0.00
Shipping: $ 3.99
GRAND TOTAL: $ 26.98

Some customers accidentally select the wrong product and/or specify the wrong quantity. If this happened to you, please reply to this email and include any changes to your order.

What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? FROSTBITE.

Normally we ship the next business day after your order.

SHIPPING METHOD: USPS First Class (Post Office)
DELIVERY TIME (on average): 3-7 business days (US), 7-20 business days (International)

We will send you another email confirming the shipment of your package, and this email will include a delivery confirmation number, which will allow you to determine if a delivery has been attempted.

Thank you for your support.

Customer Support
Grantwood Technology LLC
phone: 440-239-1885

------------- End message -------------

I’m reading this and I’m thinking, wow, what a great “Hey are you SURE you got everything right?” email. Because you know, of you didn’t, other people messed up too, so don’t feel like a total dumbass.

Then I see the joke. See it? Right after Notes About Your Order.

Now I have had this awful cold for four days and feel like garbage, Kinley has started seizing again, Gabriel also has the cold and I’m pretty crankified. But this cracks me up.

So I send this back.

Q: What is the best way to talk to Count Dracula?

A: Long distance.

Yep, everything looks good.

and I get this back

Why was Santa's Little Helper so depressed? LOW ELF ESTEEM.

Sean Mills, Co-Owner

Grantwood Technology LLC
Engle Rd Ste P

Middleburg Heights OH 44130
Phone: 440-239-1885
Fax: 440-378-5931

This sent me and the boy into gales of cackling. For the next hour we just walked around the house going “Low Elf Esteem! ahahhahaaaa....”

See this is just the kind of customer interaction I was talking about when I started bluedotshops.com the whole “Hey there’s a person involved.’” aspect rather then the vacuous Tweeting where everyone is shouting over everyone else and no one is paying attention.

SO, yeah, if I ever need anything like this again, Sean is my man. Not, you know, just because he had one of the best worst jokes EVER but because he engaged on a human, goofy kind of level.

They also have this Ipad Holder which is totally going on my list as it would be great for camping. I have the Element rigged so it would be like a tiny drive in.

Anyhow, my point is, while it’s important to be you know, professional and stuff, it’s just as important to pay attention. Paying attention is really a form of small kindness and hey, we could all use more if that.

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